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I guess I know what a metaphorical slap on the face feels like now:

To come up with an elaborate plan and expect everything to go perfectly for the one you love only to have it come crashing down.

(Oh how much I want to eat the pie I baked for you and drink the tequila I bought for you…And probably die of a heart attack or alcohol poisoning, or both.)

6 January 2013

23 December 2012

i feel like i’m only on tumblr now to post random things that happen when no one is awake for me to tell them

It’s as if tumblr has become “that one friend” you only go to when you really have no one else.

…And occasionally has funny things to say that you appreciate but ultimately get tired of because of strong viewpoints and long rants that you can’t get out of and get to the funny.

Sorry tumblr.

24 November 2012

24 November 2012

whenever people are like “i wish eric had turned into a merman and joined ariel in the sea instead!”


all i can imagine is that on their wedding night eric’s all excited to finally fuck the hot redhead and she just squirts out a bed of eggs


okay baby

now you go

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I pre-ordered it




I pre-ordered it


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tunadeluna replied to your post: can’t tell if i’m still ill or not…


Omg no.

5 November 2012 tunadeluna

can’t tell if i’m still ill or not…

But I know I should probably get prescription meds…

5 November 2012

the signs of growing the fuck up

Slowly replacing all those tight fitting jeans and graphic tees with blouses, skirts, and dresses.

My dresser cannot fit you both!

5 November 2012

I got accepted for an internship interview, passed that, got all my immunizations for it, paid $100 for training, passed the clearance appointment, bought the clothes for the dress code all in the span of a week…and then fucked everything up by showing up late to the first day of training due to traffic.

School was starting/started during that time and the amounting pressures of having to get this for that and that for this made me feel so panicked and emotional that I felt like dying.

On top of that (and it may seem trivial while reading this) I missed my period. For a week.

But yesterday—after getting turned away, my invitation to the internship ripped from my hands, and crying softly inside my car while telling my mom what happened—I finally felt free.

It only took a short self-assessment to realize the internship was definitely not for me, not only from a “I’m not going to be a doctor or a nurse so why am I going to do patient care in a hospital” standpoint, but also from the internal and external stress that this process has caused.

I’m supposed to do something that makes me happy, not just something that looks good on paper.

And what do you know? I’m on my period. Who knew I’d miss it? (Minus the bleeding, the cramps, the bloating, the cramps, the “splooging,” the cramps…)

7 October 2012

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27 September 2012

why so complicated tdl


  • take bus to campus
  • buy outline notes for ochem
  • drive to Arcadia
  • check immunizations
  • get flu shot and TB skin test
  • drive back to OC


  • go to school


  • attend CPR class
  • drive to Arcadia, again
  • get results for TB test
  • make copies of ERRYTHANG
  • drive back to OC

26 September 2012


Never Been Done Before of the Day: Even if the words “Broadway Musical” make you shiver uncontrollably, a new technique for the upcoming film version of Les Miserables is a cinematic milestone, even though it’s a bit of a no-brainer. 

Movie and TV musicals all the way up to today (Glee included) suffer from the use of pre-recorded tracks and lip-synching, preventing actors from well, acting. Les Mis is hoping to change that with completely live vocals and hidden earpieces — check it out.


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“no homo” I shouted as they revealed a skull that was clearly australopithecus

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