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Oh Mr. Darcy


So in love with him.

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Footman: Miss Lizzie Bennet.
(Lizzie comes in, her face flushed, her skirt covered in mud. She looks ravishing. Darcy stares at her, then quickly rises to his feet. Caroline Bingley, astonished, looks her up and down).
Caroline: Good Lord, Miss Bennet. Have you walked here?
Lizzie: I have. I’m so sorry. How is my sister?
Mr. Darcy: (more kindly) She’s upstairs. (to footman) Show Miss Bennet the way, Alfred. (Lizzie leaves. A beat).
Caroline: Goodness, did you see her petticoat? Six inches deep in mud! (No response). And her hair, so blowsy and untidy!
Mr. Darcy: I think her concern for her sister does her credit. (A little pause, Caroline recovers).
Caroline: Oh yes, it’s shocking to have a bad cold. I dislike excessively being ill myself.


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